No Cool Troubleshooting​


Lokring Part Numbers and Locations:


The LokRing process is designed to be a cleaner safer alternative to brazing or “sweating” in a refrigeration joint, especially when the refrigerant used is R600, the R600 refrigerant is flammable. With the LokRing process and tools you can repair the leak using these tools safely.

The VULKAN part number for the tool is L13003829.


The LokRing tool comes with replaceable jaws. See picture and sizing chart below.

A battery powered LokRing assembly tool is also available.

See picture of LOKPRESS Mini LB below:

The Lok Ring Tool is hinged and offset to make it easier to work in tight spaces. See examples below:

Make sure you are using the correct LokRing for your application. There are brass connectors for steel and copper connections, as well as aluminum connectors for aluminum lines.

It is necessary to use the LokPrep when attaching lines using the LokRing, so the union can seal.

Apply the LokRing Prep on both ends of the lines to be connected, making sure that the LokRing Prep is distributed 360º around the lines. 

Be careful not to over apply the LOKPrep as this can cause restrictions. Usually only a couple drops will be enough. Example of restriction caused by too much Lokprep below:

Reminder: If the tube material is aluminum on either side of the intended connection, an aluminum LokRing connector should be used. For all other connections, a brass connector or combination should be used, (for two dissimilar metals).

*You will always  want to confirm your tube sizes with a micrometer/digital caliper to be sure of your sizes.