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Sealed System Repair Process

1. Recover

REMINDER: When working with a Dual Evaporator unit it is very important that the 3-Way Valve be placed in the center position before beginning work. This will ensure proper flow through both capillary tubes. If you need detailed information on how to center the 3-Way Valve use the button below:

The first step is to remove all the refrigerant from the sealed system before cutting the system open. The process for recovering refrigerant is different depending on the refrigerant type (R134/R600). For detailed information on how to properly recover refrigerant from the sealed system  select your refrigerant type below:


2. Repair

1) Once refrigerant has been recovered, remove the defective parts that are being replaced.

2) Check system for contamination. (Inspect Drier Contents)

3) Install replacement parts.

If contamination was found inside the drier or other part of the system when testing the unit, then proper flushing will need to be performed before putting the system back together. For information on how to properly flush the system click below:

Now that you have removed the defective parts and flushed all contaminants out of the system it is time to install the new parts.

3. Leak Test

Now that you have the new parts installed it is best to perform a leak test. This will help make sure you did not create or miss any leaks during your repair process.

4. Vacuum

Pulling a proper vacuum on the sealed system is critical to a successful repair. It is very important that the proper micron level is achieved. For information click below:

5. Recharge

With proper vacuum levels achieved it is time to recharge the system.

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