No Cool Troubleshooting​

Before Tapping into a Sealed System let’s check a few things first….

1) Gather Readings from the unit:

* Freezer Temp (Ideal Temp 0°F)

* Fridge Temp (Ideal Temp 37°F)

* Compressor Amp Draw

* Compressor Voltage

Record the above readings for future use. If you need to call for assistance, these readings will help the agent provide accurate guidance.

2) Issues that can cause a partial cool:

* Airflow Issues (Installation, Dirty Condenser, Food Storage, anything that can affect airflow inside or outside the unit).

* Defrost issues.

* Fans not operating properly.

* Check Temp Sensor Values.

* Check for hidden error codes.

3) Check Evaporator Frost Pattern:

* The Frost Pattern provides valuable information about the condition of the Sealed System.

4) If a Sealed System issue exists after making all the above checks then click below to continue...