How to check for hidden error codes (Refrigerator)

It sometimes takes 3 hours for error codes to display by themselves. But by holding the (Freezer + Ice Plus) buttons for 3-5 seconds you can pull up hidden error codes that might exist but are not displaying on their own yet. If the display shows 88 88 then there are no hidden codes.

If there is a hidden error code it will display like normal when holding (Freezer + Ice Plus)…


On some models if you hold (Freezer + Ice Plus) for 5 seconds or more you will see a “5 or S” show up in the Freezer and Refrigerator displays. This is not an error code. This means you have entered compensation mode on models that have that feature.

Disregard this as being an error code. Error Codes will always be accompanied by an “E or Er”. 

There is one refrigerator model that pulls hidden error codes differently.

Model: SRFVC2406